Over the last few months to add to my energy medicine, therapy, counselling and coaching work, I have been training to be a Bach Flower Essence Practitioner to adding to my skills to assist clients with their well-being and aid recovery from anxiety, depression, fatigue, panic, burn out, emotional imbalances caused by the menopause or other hormonal symptoms and will be offering this therapy from September.

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower Essence remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can help resolve emotional imbalances and were developed by Dr Edward Bach 1886-1936 who was a medical Doctor, bacteriologist and homeopath.

Everything in the universe vibrates, and vibrational healing is based on the concept that all life maintains its health and wellness by a universal never ending energy source. Negative thoughts and destructive emotions create blockages of this flow of energy that leads to emotional and physical imbalance. This can be helped by using flower essences which raise the vibration from the lower vibration of the human body to the higher, gentler vibrations of flowers.  The human body needs to vibrate above 62 Mhz to be maintain well-being and balance.

The flower is the part of the plant’s highest energy vibration and concentration of life force and each particular flower in the Bach Flower Essence system is specifically linked to an emotion, mental or physical state.

How do they work on balancing emotions?

Thoughts and feelings create a certain electrical current that travels through the body via its neural pathways creating a physical response. Research shows that every emotion and thought has its own energetic frequency – negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, shame, anger and guilt resonate at low frequencies compared to love and joy. When we don’t acknowledge strong emotions their energy doesn’t just stop because we ignore it, the electrical charges keep on looping through the neural pathways and over time cause pain, dysfunction, imbalance, inflammation and disease.

When we change the frequency of an emotion with Flower Essences this helps the body to relax which slows down the production of adrenalin (stress chemicals) to release endorphins (feel good chemicals). There are 38 Flower Essences plus one Rescue Remedy to address a specific range of emotional frequencies. They work by acting as a catalyst by creating rapid and powerful shifts in our mental outlook and raising our vibration. The remedies can be used on adults and children and are safe to use alongside conventional medical treatment.

Visiting a practitioner would include an in-depth consultation as our back story is an integral part of the process, talking about any goals and objectives, an explanation of how Flower Essences are made and work, how healing takes place, a diagnostic process, your own personal remedy made up for you to take home, affirmations to use and a follow up appointment.

Initial consultations are 75 mins which include personal remedy to take home    £55.00

Follow up visits are 45 mins which include additional remedies                           £45.00