Interdisciplinary Psychologist

Registered Trauma-focused EMDR Therapist

National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

Registration Number 361856

Private therapy sessions  are held at

Ripon, North Yorkshire

Person-Centred Therapy 

I offer a one to one interdisciplinary psychology program to support adults and under 18s which looks different for everyone. After an initial 30 minute meeting to see if what I offer is suitable, we then book a consultation (up to 90 minutes) which takes into account any childhood adversity, diagnoses, neurodiversity, personality types and current mental and physical issues. This is then followed by subsequent sessions that can include:

Therapy can include:

EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation Re-processing)

The Rewind Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

Talking Therapy

Meditation & Mindfulness

Inner Child Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy

Therapy through a neurodiverse lens

Education around trauma and childhood adversity (ACEs)

Education around the nervous system and emotional regulation

Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Personality Types and Cognitive Functioning

Therapeutic Prescriptions in between session

Menopause Support  

Therapy Fees

Initial Meeting 30 minutes to ascertain if the therapy is suitable – £30 PAY IN ADVANCE

Subsequent Sessions Adults 75-90 minutes – £85

Under 18 sessions – 45 minutes – £45 


AUTISM AND ADHD SUPPORT (Adults and Parents) 60 mins £60 Schools CPD sessions £150

Education around Autism & ADHD, Attachment, Pathological Demand Avoidance and Neurological Development 

Support and Advocacy with Autism & ADHD for adults and children

Support and signposting after diagnosis (PTSD, cPTSD, Autism & ADHD)

Fees reflect professional membership with the NCIP, ICO, monthly supervision, multiple professional training qualifications, safeguarding training and insurance.

 I do not claim to cure/treat/fix/guarantee (or any other substitute) medical conditions. 

Adult Tray Therapy – Single Sessions when feeling stuck up to 2 hours £99, under 18s – 45 minutes -£45

Sand Tray Therapy facilitates us to construct our inner world which acts as a reflection of our own life and allows for space to remove obstacles, become unstuck, communicate, resolve conflicts and gain acceptance of self.  Sand Tray Therapy is powerful yet provides a threat free environment which emphasizes what we experiencing in that moment while being guided by a therapist to facilitate awareness and growth.  Sand Tray Therapy give us an opportunity to communicate non verbally through creative expression we are able to manifest in the sand things we may not otherwise be able to vocalise or address. The world within the sand tray is expressed through symbols and metaphors which help us make sense of our inner world.  

Professional Bodies, Qualifications and Good Practice

My Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Psychology (Level 7) was completed at Leeds Beckett University, my trauma-focused EMDR therapy. counselling and The Rewind Technique are registered with The National Council for Integrative Psychotherapy (NCIP), CBT, EFT & Inner Child Therapy  (Centre of Excellence), Meditation is accredited by The Complementary Medical Association and MBSR – Palouse Mindfulness.  I am trained in the Usui method of Reiki to Master Teacher Practitioner Level with Martine Moorby with proven lineage. My trauma-focused EMDR was with Rachel Fairhurst (Specialist Traumatologist) at Integrative Trauma Solutions. My advanced menopause training was with Jennifer Young Training and the course is accredited by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists). My teaching qualification is with NCF Level 4, my assessor and IQA qualifications are with City & Guilds, Understanding Autism Level 2 CACHE, Understanding ADHD Centre of Excellence, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Centre of Excellence, Sand Tray Therapy Wellsprings Harrogate and I hold professional liability insurance, safeguarding lead qualifications and a DBS certificate.

How do I work?

Face to face by preference and offer some Zoom appointments (not EMDR).

As a way of giving back I do offer my services at a subsidised rate through The Wellness Gateway CIC but there is a waiting list. I always have a few subsidised spaces in my private practice available each year, so please enquire if you do need help.



I am a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner and have been working in energy medicine for 20 years. Reiki addresses you as a whole, rather than targeting individual symptoms.  It can create subtle but meaningful shifts from deep within your own being. On the outside looking in, a Reiki treatment might appear to be merely a series of hand placements but it works to restore balance on the deepest possible level, which may result in the resolution of some health problems, a change in beliefs and attitudes, the ability to make decision that have been put off or ignored and the realisation of one’s true values and priorities in life.  

Aimed at restoring balance on all levels Reiki addresses the problem and condition rather than simply masking or relieving symptoms.  It creates deep relaxation that helps the body release stress and tension bringing a sense of peace and calm whilst allows you to connect to your body as a whole and access your inner wisdom. Reiki dissolves energy blocks and encourages a natural balance between mind, body and spirit. Regular treatments help build up resilience to stress. It can also be used to heal mental or emotional wounds, alleviate panic, fear, frustration,  anger, guilt and trauma. Because we spend a lot of time in fight/flight mode, Reiki reminds our physical body how to engage with our parasympathetic nervous system in order to create a calm self-healing mode which helps the body cleanse itself from toxins while aiding the immune system. 

£60 per session – 1 hour  

Please note that any non arrivals or same day cancellations will incur a 50% charge (proven medical emergencies are exempt from this).  If your enquiry or booking is made through the website enquiry page you will have been expected to understand the above policy and will be charged accordingly. All consultation and assessment forms will have the cancellation policy included. New clients will need to pay in advance for first session.

 The Wellness Gateway CIC which is a community interest company. 

In 2021 I founded a community non-profit wellness organisation for adults and children, allowing people to access a safe space regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability or wealth.  We help people who need support in improving their emotional, physical and mental health along with trauma care and neurodiversity support. It is a tiny organisation trying to help people find a purpose and to be able to connect with their local community again.

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