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 One to one talking therapy  

Gail offers a one to one therapy program to support clients with anxiety, stress, depression, low mood, panic, fatigue, low level mental health issues, life which is out of balance, emotional issues and grief. The program consists of a minimum of six sessions (sessions are 1 hour) which are usually spaced two weeks apart with learning goals to complete in between sessions. She offers a free 15 minute consultation in person or over the phone for clients who would like to know more about the program. Zoom or phone consultations and appointments can be arranged for clients that do not live locally or who cannot travel.

A copy of Gail’s book The Gateway – A journey to re-claim your power from stress and anxiety is included in the course of six sessions which are £55 per session. Sessions may include a range of techniques to “treat” the symptoms and/or discover the root of the problem.  Gail uses Western Psychology methods such as counselling, Psychoanlaysis (unconscious mind),  Inner Child Therapy, de-constructing and prioritising values and more spiritual approaches such as Three Principles Coaching, mindfulness, meditation, Bach Flower remedies.

 Private Meditation sessions   

Meditation is a practice which has many health benefits ranging from allowing the brain waves  to shift into a lower state to induce calm, relaxation, healing and sleep. Gail offers hourly sessions to explain how the body works in times of stress, how to alleviate anxiety and will start you on your own journey with meditation. The hour session will end with a meditation.  £45 per session 

 Reiki Healing  

Gail is a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner and has been working in energy medicine for 20 years. Reiki addresses you as a whole, rather than targeting individual symptoms.  It can create subtle but meaningful shifts from deep within your own being. On the outside looking in, a Reiki treatment might appear to be merely a series of hand placements but it works to restore balance on the deepest possible level, which may result in the resolution of some health problems, a change in beliefs and attitudes, the ability to make decision that have been put off or ignored and the realisation of one’s true values and priorities in life.  

 Aimed at restoring balance on all levels Reiki addresses the problem and condition rather than simply masking or relieving symptoms.  It creates deep relaxation that helps the body release stress and tension bringing a sense of peace and calm whilst allows you to connect to your body as a whole and access your inner wisdom. Reiki dissolves energy blocks and encourages a natural balance between mind, body and spirit. Regular treatments help build up resilience to stress. It can also be used to heal mental or emotional wounds, alleviate panic, fear, frustration,  anger, guilt and trauma. Because we spend a lot of time in fight/flight mode, Reiki reminds our physical body how to engage with our parasympathetic nervous system in order to create a calm self-healing mode which helps the body cleanse itself from toxins while aiding the immune system. 

 £45 per session (1 hour)

 Crystal Healing Therapy

 Crystals are formed by natural alignments of minerals over time and are structured in such a way that an energy field is created within and around every crystal. When a crystal enters your energy field or aura, it can change the vibrations of your aura slightly and this adds to the crystal healing properties. Crystals have a piezoelectric effect which means crystals can accumulate and hold an electric charge and respond to the electricity in the Earth’s energy field.

 Crystal healing is a non-intrusive, holistic approach to wellness and stress.  Crystals are usually charged or programmed and placed on or around the body.  It is the energy field that emanates from the energised crystals that can heal and can be used with Reiki and Tarot (both work with energy).

 £45 per session (1 hour)

 Bach Flower Essences Remedies – Emotional imbalances 

 Bach Flower Essence remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can help resolve emotional imbalances and were developed by Dr Edward Bach 1886-1936 who was a medical Doctor, bacteriologist and homeopath. 

 Everything in the universe vibrates, and vibrational healing is based on the concept that all life maintains its health and wellness by a universal never ending energy source. Negative thoughts and destructive emotions create blockages of this flow of energy that leads to emotional and physical imbalance. This can be helped by using flower essences which raise the vibration from the lower vibration of the human body to the higher, gentler vibrations of flowers.  The human body needs to vibrate above 62 Mhz to be maintain well-being and balance. 

 The flower is the part of the plant’s highest energy vibration and concentration of life force and each particular flower in the Bach Flower Essence system is specifically linked to an emotion, mental or physical state. 

 Thoughts and feelings create a certain electrical current that travels through the body via its neural pathways creating a physical response. Research shows that every emotion and thought has its own energetic frequency and negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, shame, anger and guilt resonate at low frequencies compared to love and joy. When we don’t acknowledge strong emotions their energy doesn’t stop just because we ignore it, the electrical charges keep on looping through the neural pathways and over time cause pain, dysfunction, inflammation and disease.

 When we change the frequency of an emotion it has to change and Flower Essences can help  the body to relax which slows down the production of adrenalin (stress chemicals) to release endorphins (feel good chemicals). There are 38 Flower Essences plus on Rescue Remedy to address a specific range of emotional frequencies. They work by acting as a catalyst by creating rapid and powerful shifts in our mental outlook and raising our vibration. The remedies can be used on adults and children and are safe to use alongside conventional medical treatment.

 Visiting a practitioner would include an in-depth consultation as our back story is an integral part of the process, talking about any goals and objectives, an explanation of how Flower Essences are made and work, how healing takes place, a diagnostic process, your own personal remedy made up for you to take away, affirmations to use and a follow up appointment. 

 Initial consultations are 75 mins which include personal remedy to take home  £55.00

 Follow up visits are 45 mins which includes additional remedies                           £45.00


Meditation & Relaxation Classes

 Monday evening 6.30-7.30pm at Gail’s studios – Canal Basin, Ripon

Classes are currently limited to 6 people to comply with government social distancing guidelines and are pre-bookable only, please use enquiry page.

 To subscribe please call 07957 663704 or email

 ​Meditation –  is purely about creating an awareness of me in that moment by finding the silence that exists inside. Meditation can be anything that frees up my mind from other distractions, such as unwanted thoughts.  By listening to sounds or focusing on my own breathing, I go into the ‘gap’, which is a state of consciousness deep inside and into a place between thought and sleep.

 Once inside this place, you are able to notice your thoughts without identifying or building on them and you can begin to understand that these are just sensory movements that you can let come and go without attaching any drama to them.  Meditation is not about trying to block or reject thought, it is about being aware of thoughts as they arise, examining them and then letting go. 

 Treatments & Apothecary 

Gail has recently completed an accredited COVID-19 cross infection qualification and completed risk assessment for opening on 13th July 2020. If you would like to see her risk assessment for the Little Lodge please ask, she is committed to keeping her clients and her self safe and minimising risk.

 In order to maintain professional teaching standards, Gail takes clients for the following:  

 Full body massage 75 mins £65.00   

Back, neck, shoulder, scalp & face 40 mins £40.00   

Reiki healing 1 hour £45  

Crystal Healing Therapy 1 hour £45   

Indian head massage 45 mins £40.00   

Deep tissue/sport massage 40 mins £40.00  

Pregnancy back massage 40 mins £40.00  

Spirit Soother (30 mins massage & 45 mins Reiki) £50  

Spirit Soother Deluxe (Reiki with Crystal Balancing, Meditation and Massage) 90 Mins £65.00

Tarot readings 45 minutes £35.00


Please note that any non arrivals or same day cancellations will incur a 50% charge (proven medical emergencies are exempt from this).  If your enquiry or booking is made through the website enquiry page you will have been expected to understand the above policy and will be charged accordingly.

COVID compliant business – All clients will be sent a health questionnaire to be completed 24 hours before arrival and the Treament space is deep cleaned between every client.




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