In 1989 I remember sat watching the news on TV  showing the Berlin Wall being torn down which I now know led to the reunification of Germany the following year.  National World Freedom Day is an observance commemorating the “Iron Curtain” falling and an end to communism in Eastern and Central Europe.

Have we now however gone a little too far the other way? In our modern day times it is difficult to avoid consumerism which is the increase of the consumption of goods and services that are a desirable goal that our well-being and happiness depends fundamentally on obtaining consumer goods and material possessions.  FOMO – Fear of missing out which in my opinion is influencing why anxiety is on the rise and becoming the illness of our time.

Today is World Freedom Day and should it be about being grateful for our freedom to choose? Should it be the freedom to choose how to live, what religion to follow, which relationship to be in, where we work, what we eat and if we choose to voice our opinion.  Should we be thankful that liberty is a priority and a basic human right because many are still fighting for their own freedom and liberties?

Social media is a powerful tool in lots of way but just for today let’s enact change, just for today let’s not be anxious, let’s embrace JOMO (the joy of missing out and celebrate what’s really important – our freedom.